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  • Geoffrey Sonn, MD

    Geoffrey Sonn, MD

    Assistant Professor of Urology and, by courtesy, of Radiology at the Stanford University Medical Center

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests My interest is in improving prostate cancer diagnosis through MRI and image-targeted prostate biopsy. In collaboration with radiologists at Stanford, we are working to define the optimal role of MRI in prostate cancer. We hope to improve cancer imaging to the point that some men with elevated PSA may safely avoid prostate biopsy. For those who need biopsy, we are evaluating novel MRI-US fusion targeted biopsy, a technique that greatly improves upon the conventional biopsy method.

  • Daniel Spielman

    Daniel Spielman

    Professor of Radiology (General Radiology) and, by courtesy, of Electrical Engineering

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests My research interests are in the field of medical imaging, particularly magnetic resonance imaging and in vivo spectroscopy. Current projects include MRI and MRS at high magnetic fields and metabolic imaging using hyperpolarized 13C-labeled MRS.

  • Ryan Spitler

    Ryan Spitler

    Deputy Director, Precision Health and Integrated Diagnostics Center, Rad/Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford

    Bio Dr. Spitler is the Deputy Director of the Precision Health and Integrated Diagnostics Center at Stanford University. He completed his Post Doctorial Research Fellowship (SCIT) at Stanford University School of Medicine, conducting research in the developing field of Magnetogenetics for remote controlled cellular reprogramming and developed smart MRI cell tracking tools for oncology cell tracking studies. He has designed numerous biological models, synthetic biology approaches and worked on the development of new technologies in a number of scientific areas ranging from medical devices to gene therapy. Prior to his position at Stanford, Dr. Spitler received his Ph.D. in Cellular and Developmental Biology at the Beckman Laser Institute at the University of California, Irvine. His research at the Beckman Laser Institute included developing and characterizing new nitric oxide-based drugs, laser, and LED-based multimodal wound healing therapies some of which are currently being used in the clinic as a result of his work.
    Dr. Spitler received his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he worked in the area of structural biology. Over the past two decades he has held a number of academic and industrial positions and has served as an advisor or advisory board member for a number of Bay Area companies. Dr. Spitler is the recipient of the Stanford Cancer Imaging Fellowship Training Award, RSL Innovation Challenge Award, the Biophotas Research Fellowship, and the Stanford Center for Biomedical Imaging Achievement Award.  

  • Shyam Srinivas

    Shyam Srinivas

    Clinical Instructor, Radiology - Rad/Nuclear Medicine

    Bio Dr. Srinivas is a Clinical Instructor-Nuclear Medicine, and the Deputy Director of PET/CT Research within the Division of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging at Stanford Health Care. He completed a medical scientist training program (MD/PhD) at the University of California Irvine College of Medicine in 2001 and a research fellowship/clinical residency in Nuclear Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in 2006. His research interests include PET/CT for early cancer detection; PET/CT dosimetry; radiotherapy and radioembolization; and clinical translation of novel PET/CT radiotracers.

  • Idan Steinberg

    Idan Steinberg

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Radiology

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests My current research is focused on developing non-ionizing and low cost medical technologies that reliably detect diagnose and monitor disease progression. I work at the interface of between Photonics, Acoustics, RF, Molecular Imaging, Medical Imaging and Biomedical Signal processing. Equal emphasis is on translating these technologies for pre-clinical and clinical applications in cancer and neurological diseases.

  • Kathryn Stevens

    Kathryn Stevens

    Associate Professor of Radiology (General Radiology) and, by courtesy, of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Stanford University Medical Center

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Sports medicine - imaging of sports injuries in athletes and ultrasound-guided therapy.

    Clinical applications of new MRI pulse sequences.

    Imaging and guided therapy in rheumatology.