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  • Nicole Cobb

    Nicole Cobb

    Finance and Administration Coordinator, School of Medicine - Biomedical Ethics

    Bio Nicole Cobb is the Program Assistant for Stanford Biodesign. She processes financial transactions, maintains office operations, and manages the front desk. She also completes special projects to help keep Stanford Biodesign running smoothly.

  • Jacqueline Genovese

    Jacqueline Genovese

    Acad Research & Prgm Officer, School of Medicine - Biomedical Ethics

    Current Role at Stanford Assistant Director of the Medicine & the Muse Program
    Teaching Lead, War Literature & Writing class for military affiliated students
    Facilitator, Literature & Medicine Dinner & Discussion Series

  • Anna Jabloner

    Anna Jabloner

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Biomedical Ethics

    Bio My research centers on the socio-cultural dimensions of techno-science from a feminist perspective, on race and gender in American science, and on the theories of nature that inform the expanding field of digital biology. My dissertation work examined genomics as a culturally situated phenomenon of knowledge production and consumption. It tracked how genomics’ different applications are currently used in biomedicine, and imagined as useful as revolutionary infrastructure for health and the future. In prior research, I studied feminist epistemology, publishing a book on Donna Haraway’s approaches to race titled Implodierende Grenzen: ‘Race’ und Ethnizitaet in Donna Haraways Technowissenschaft (Passagen, 2005). My participation in the study of team science (PI: Lee) at SCBE extends my interest in the ethnographic analysis of local cultures of techno-science, and traces how social and collaborative processes shape the formation of knowledge and innovation.

  • Sandra Soo-Jin Lee, Ph.D

    Sandra Soo-Jin Lee, Ph.D

    Sr Research Scholar, Pediatrics - Center for Biomedical Ethics

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Dr. Lee is a medical anthropologist whose research focuses on the sociocultural dimensions and ethical issues of emerging technologies and their translation into clinical practice. Dr. Lee leads studies on the public understandings of research using clinical data and biological samples, concepts of race, culture and human genetic variation, and citizen science, commercialization of biotechnology and entrepreneurship.

  • Maren Grainger-Monsen, MD

    Maren Grainger-Monsen, MD

    Sr Research Scholar, Pediatrics - Center for Biomedical Ethics

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Maren Grainger-Monsen creates films and education programs that touch people emotionally and intellectually to cause them to think deeply about important issues in healthcare, change health policy and improve patient care. She has developed a signature style of interweaving documentary footage with beautiful stylistic imagery and sound to create visually, intellectually and emotionally stirring documentaries for medical students, healthcare providers and the general public.