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  • Ashley Zehnder

    Ashley Zehnder

    Postdoctoral Research fellow, Program in Epithelial Biology

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests My current research focuses on novel methods to Erk1/2 MAP kinase (MAPK) cascade in cancer. Up-regulation occurs in >30% of human cancers, making this a key therapeutic target. MAPK scaffolds, such as IQGAP1, assemble pathway kinases together to effect signal transmission. Disrupting scaffold function offers a potentially orthogonal approach to MAPK cascade inhibition. We have IQGAP1 to be necessary for Ras-driven tumorigenesis and are utilizing this discovery to dissect the ERK1/2 pathway.

  • James L. Zehnder, M.D.

    James L. Zehnder, M.D.

    Professor of Pathology and of Medicine (Hematology) at the Stanford University Medical Center

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Our laboratory focuses on translational research in 2 main areas - genomic approaches to diagnosis and minimal residual disease testing for patients with cancer, and molecular basis of disorders of thrombosis and hemostasis. My clinical focus is in diagnosis and treatment of disorders of hemostasis and thrombosis and general hematology.

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