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  • Dr. Katharina Sophia Volz

    Dr. Katharina Sophia Volz

    Temp - Non-Exempt, Stem Cell Bio Regenerative Med Institute

    Bio Katharina Volz is a leading biomedical scientist. Katharina pioneered Stanford University's first PhD in Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine in 2015 and has been one of the fastest PhD recipients in the university's history, earning her degree in just 2.5 years. She is a WED United Nations Fellow and has been immersed in the field of biomedical sciences for the past 12 years, starting with her attendance at Germany's Valckenburg Biotechnology High school. She was the first German high school student to be accepted into a research program at Harvard University and has since been awarded several fellowships and awards to do research in 10 labs around the world. During her PhD thesis in the Red-Horse and Weissman labs, Katharina tracked the path of single cells in a developing mouse heart and identified the cell type that forms the coronary arteries and the signal required for this differentiation event. Her publication made it into the top 5 of the 2015 NAVBO list and had over 13K shares at international press including the Guardian and IFL science. During the last two semesters of her PhD, Katharina attended Stanford Business School's Startup Garage Program and founded OccamzRazor in 2015, a knowledge network with the mission to accelerate scientific discovery.

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