Ashish Goel is a Professor of Management Science and Engineering and (by courtesy) Computer Science at Stanford University. He received his PhD in Computer Science from Stanford in 1999, and was an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southern California from 1999 to 2002. His research interests lie in the design, analysis, and applications of algorithms.

Academic Appointments

  • Professor, Management Science and Engineering
  • Member, Bio-X

Honors & Awards

  • CAREER Award, National Science Foundation (2002)
  • Frederick E. Terman Fellow, Stanford University
  • Sloan Research Fellowship, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Professional Education

  • PhD, Stanford University, Computer Science (1999)


2014-15 Courses

Postdoctoral Advisees


Journal Articles

  • Fast Incremental and Personalized PageRank. To appear in VLDB Bahmani, B., Chowdhury, A., Goel, A. 2011
  • Liquidity in Credit Networks: A Little Trust Goes a Long Way. Preliminary version presented at NetEcon Dandekar, P., Goel, A., Govindan, R., Post, I. 2010
  • Similarity Search and Locality Sensitive Hashing using TCAMs. ACM SIGMOD Shinde, R., Goel, A., Gupta, P., Dutta, D. 2010
  • An incentive-based architecture for social recommendations. RecSys Bhattacharjee, R., Goel, A., Kollias, K. 2009
  • Towards programmable molecular machines. Presented (by Holin) at FNANO Chen, H., De, A., Goel, A. 2008
  • Reducing Maximum Stretch in Compact Routing. IEEE Infocom Enachescu, M., Wang, M., Goel, A. 2008
  • Advertisement Allocation for Generalized Second Pricing Schemes. fourth Workshop on Ad Auctions Goel, A., Mahdian, M., Nazerzadeh, H., Saberi, A. 2008
  • Toward Minimum Size Self-Assembled Counters. and journal of natural compting Goel, A., Moisset de espanes, P. 2007; 7 (3): 317-334
  • Self-Assembling Tile Systems that Heal from Small Fragments. Presented at the thirteenth International meeting on DNA based computers (DNA), (winner of the best student paper award – congratulations, Holin and Chris). Chen, H., Goel, A., Luhrs, C., Winfree, E. 2007
  • Avoiding ballot-stuffing in eBay-like reputation systems. Third international workshop on economics of peer-to-peer systems Bhattacharjee, R., Goel, A. 2005
  • The Design of a Distributed Rating Scheme for Peer-to-peer Systems. Workshop on Economic Issues in Peer-to-Peer Systems Dutta, D., Goel, A., Govindan, R., Zhang, H. 2003
  • Oblivious AQM and Nash Equilibria. IEEE Infocom Dutta, D., Goel, A., Heidemann, J. 2003
  • Incrementally Improving Lookup Latency in Distributed Hash Table Systems. ACM Sigmetrics, A more complete version with proofs is available as USC Computer Science technical report 03-786. Zhang, H., Goel, A., Govindan, R. 2003
  • Energy-efficient Broadcast in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks: Lower bounds and Algorithms. Journal of Interconnection Networks Bian, F., Goel, A., Raghavendra, C., Li, X. 2002; 3-4 (3): 149-166
  • Exact Sampling of TCP Window States. IEEE Infocom Goel, A., Mitzenmacher, M. 2002
  • Using the Small-World Model to Improve Freenet Performance. IEEE Infocom Zhang, H., Goel, A., Govindan, R. 2002
  • Exact sampling in machine scheduling problems. RANDOM Goel, A., Cho, S. 2001
  • Source routing and scheduling in packet networks. IEEE Foundations of Computer Science Andrews, M. 2001
  • Efficient computation of delay-sensitive routes from one source to all destinations. IEEE Infocom Goel, A., Ramakrishnan, K., G., Kataria, D., Logothetis, D. 2001
  • Using approximate majorization to characterize protocol fairness. This is the full version of a poster paper in ACM SIGMETRICS, and does not actually appear in print anywhere. Bhargava, R., Goel, A., Meyerson, A. 2001
  • Algorithms for Network Routing, Multicasting, Switching, and Design. Computer Science Department Geol, A. 1999
  • Stochastic Load Balancing and Related Problems. In  IEEE Foundations of Computer Science Goel, A., Indyk, P. 1999
  • Approximating arbitrary metrics by O(n log n) trees. IEEE Foundations of Computer Science Geol, A., Charikar, M., Chekuri, C., Guha, S., Plotkin, S. 1998

Conference Proceedings

  • Hybrid keyword search auctions. Goel, A., Munagala, K. 2009
  • Asking the right questions: Model-driven Optimization using Probes. Goel, A., Guha, S., Munagala, K. 2006
  • Pricing for fairness: distributed resource allocation for multiple objectives. Cho, S., Goel, A. 2006
  • Truthful auctions for pricing search keywords. Aggarwal, G., Goel, A., Motwani, R. 2006
  • Multi-processor scheduling to minimize flow time with ε-resource augmentation. Chekuri, C., Goel, A., Khanna, S., Kumar, A. 2004
  • Optimal self-assembly of counters at temperature two. Cheng, Q., Goel, A., Moisset, P. 2004
  • Set K-Cover Algorithms for Energy Efficient Monitoring in Wireless Sensor Networks. Abrams, Z., Goel, A., Plotkin, S. 2004
  • Invadable Self-Assembly: Combining Robustness with Efficiency. Chen, H., Cheng, Q., Goel, A., Huang, M., D., Moisset, P. 2004
  • Sharp thresholds for monotone properties in random geometric graphs. Goel, A., Rai, S., Krishnamachari, B. 2004
  • Simultaneous Optimization for Concave Costs: Single Sink  Aggregation or Single Source Buy-at-Bulk. Goel, A., Estrin, D. 2003
  • Combinatorial optimization problems in self-assembly. Adleman, L., Cheng, Q., Goel, A., Huang, M., D., Kempe, D., Moisset de espanes, P. 2002
  • SCADDAR: An Efficient Randomized Technique to Reorganize Continuous Media Blocks. Goel, A., Shahabi, C., Yao, S., Y., Zimmerman, R. 2002
  • Reductions Among High Dimensional Proximity Problems. Goel, A., Indyk, P., Varadarajan, K. 2001
  • Linear self-assemblies: Equilibria, entropy, and convergence rates. Adleman, L., Cheng, Q., Huang, M., D., Wasserman, H. edited by Elaydi, Ladas, Aulbach 2001
  • Running time and program size for self-assembled squares. Adleman, L., Cheng, Q., Huang, M., D. 2001
  • Combining Fairness with Throughput: Online Routing with Multiple Objectives. Goel, A., Meyerson, A., Plotkin, S. 2000
  • Extending Greedy Multicast Routing to Delay Sensitive Applications. Goel, A., Munagala, K. 2000
  • Scheduling Data Transfers in a Network and the Set Scheduling Problem. Goel, A., Henzinger, M., R., Plotkin, S., Tardos, E. 1999
  • Stochastic Analysis of Stable Marriages in Combined Input Output Queued Switches. Goel, A., Prabhakar, B. 1999
  • Online Throughput-Competitive Algorithm for Multicast Routing and Admission Control. Goel, A., Henzinger, M., Plotkin, S. 1998
  • Rounding via trees: deterministic approximation algorithms for group Steiner trees and k-median. Goel, A., Charikar, M., Chekuri, C., Guha, S. 1998
  • Approximation Algorithms for Directed Steiner Problems. Goel, A., Charikar, M., Chekuri, C., Cheung, T., Dai, Z., Guha, S. 1998

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