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3D CT has been available for over 10 years and can be readily performed at many modern imaging centers. The most common viewing formats: Virtual Colonoscopy and External 3D Volume "Fly-Around".

Some issues have diminished the utility of 3D CT:

FDG PET has superior accuracy to CT for many tumors and integrated PET/CT appears to add additional value. Although fused PET/CT images for 3D volume rendering is currently undefined and undescribed, it appears to provide additional beneficial data for image interpretation and may create new areas of clinical application. A particularly promising avenue is usage in pre-surgical/pre-procedural planning. Future work includes: (1) Further development of the 3D PET/CT software tools, (2) validation of this technique in more patients, and (3) use in tracers other than FDG.CMIRG lab members

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