MIPS Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford

ICMIC@Stanford 2010 - 2015

Research Projects

Sanjiv Sam Gambhir

Research Project 1
Sanjiv Sam Gambhir, MD, PhD
Project Leader

Title: Monitoring Response to Targeted Therapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer using 18F FPPRGD2 PET/CT and In-Vitro Diagnostics

The specific aims of the current research proposal are to apply novel methods for predicting and monitoring response to anti-cancer treatments.

Photo of Christopher Contag

Research Project 2
Chris Contag, PhD
Project Leader

Title: Image-Guided Resection to Improve Outcome for Children with Medulloblastoma

The specific aims of this project is to improve tumor visualization and localization. We aim to refine existing peptide-based probes, and identify new molecular probes that can be applied topically to label tumor cell-surface markers in human medulloblastoma intra-operatively.

Dean Felsher

Research Project 3
Dean Felsher MD, PhD
Project Leader

Title: Multi-Modality Imaging of Oncogene Addiction

This project aims to use mathematical and statiscial modeling together with quantitative molecular imaging to predict very early after the initiation of a therapy whether cancer patients will respond to targeted oncogene inactivation.

Jianghong Rao

Research Project 4
Jianghong Rao, PhD
Project Leader

Title: Development of Enzyme-Activated PET and MRI Probes for Cancer Imaging

The general goal of this research is to develop positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) based molecular imaging systems to image cancer-specific enzymatic activity of proteases in vivo.


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