MIPS Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford

ICMIC@Stanford 2010 - 2015


Sanjiv Sam Gambhir, MD, PhD
Sanjiv Sam Gambhir, MD, PhD
The Principal Investigator's Role

Dr. Gambhir will continue to lead the ICMIC@Stanford scientific program with its goal of developing applications of multimodality molecular imaging to cancer biology including clinical translation. Dr. Gambhir will assume the major administrative and management role needed for the ICMIC@Stanford (see Fig. B.6). All administrative staff will report to him, and he will make final approval for all administrative expenditures such as personnel assignment, major purchases, travel, etc. The ICMIC@Stanford has an Executive Committee, which will function as the major management unit for this program. Dr. Gambhir, as Chair of the Executive Committee, will be responsible for making final decisions related to (i) how Career Development Component trainees are selected, supervised, and evaluated and (ii) how Developmental Projects are chosen, monitored, and concluded. Drs. Gambhir and Contag will co-chair the ICMIC@Stanford Executive Committee to ensure that Specialized Resources are allocated in an expedient and equitable manner. The Executive Committee considers interdisciplinary exchange between the ICMIC@Stanford program and other Organized Research Units (ORU’s) on campus (e.g., Bio-X, Canary Center for Cancer Early Detection at Stanford) to be key in establishing a successful and fully integrated program at Stanford. Dr. Gambhir will lead the effort to promote interdisciplinary interactions.

Photo of Christopher Contag, PhD
Christopher Contag, PhD
The Co-Principal Investigator's Role
Dr. Contag is a Professor of Pediatrics, Microbiology & Immunology, and Radiology and the Co-PI on this Program. Dr. Contag’s role on this Program is to work with Dr. Gambhir to advance the mission in molecular imaging and as such will assist Dr. Gambhir in all aspects of the ICMIC@Stanford. Dr. Contag is the Co-Director of the MIPS, Director of the Stanford Program in Photomedicine, and PI of the Network for Translational Research (NTR) U54 at Stanford. Dr. Contag will participate in all meetings of the Executive Committee, the major decision-making body of this program, and will chair meetings of this group in Dr. Gambhir’s absence. Along with Dr. Gambhir, he will co-chair these meetings and carry out the responsibilities of this committee. This includes the prioritization of access to the Specialized Resources and management of the Developmental Projects. Dr. Contag will work to promote interdisciplinary interactions between the ICMIC@Stanford and other Organized Research Units (ORUs) on the Stanford campus that include the Stanford Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Digestive Disease Center, the Stanford Infrared Optics Center and the Bio-X Program. Bio-X is a large interdisciplinary program that serves to tie together multiple programs and departments at Stanford, and Bio-X is based in the Clark Center where Drs. Contag and Gambhir have their main laboratories. As ICMIC leaders at Stanford, Drs. Contag and Gambhir will assure a well-managed and efficient Specialized Resource component that is integrated into the larger Stanford enterprise in cancer imaging. With Dr. Contag’s leadership roles on large NCI sponsored programs including the Network for Translational Research in Optical Imaging (NTROI) now renewed as the Network for Translational Research: Optical imaging in Multimodal platforms (NTR) U54, and the Small Animal Imaging Resource Program (SAIRP), he has a successful track record that demonstrates his ability to coordinate the efforts of the Specialized Resources of the ICMIC@Stanford with the needs of funded investigators, and to work effectively with the ICMIC@Stanford leadership to advance the mission of this imaging program.


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