MIPS Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford
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Dean Felsher, M.D., Ph.DDean Felsher, M.D., Ph.D
Collaborator: Project 2 & 6
Associate Professor in Medicine - Oncology
CCSR 1105b
269 Campus Drive
Stanford, California, 94305-5151

Phone: (650) 498-5269
Fax: (650) 736-1454

Email: dfelsher@stanford.edu

Consultant Project 2, Assistant Professor in Medicine - Oncology (Stanford)
Project Co-Leader: Project 6, Assistant Professor in Medicine - Oncology (Stanford)
Dr. Felsher is internationally recognized for his work on the c-myc oncogene and its role in the initiation and maintenance of lymphoma. He represents the new breed of translational scientists who can develop mouse models of human cancer and translate understanding of basic cancer biology into advances in therapeutics. He has a project on multimodality imaging of oncogene-induced tumorogenesis as part of the Stanford ICMIC P50, a project on the characterization of gene expression programs of transformation of lymphoma as part of the Stanford ICBP grant, and a project on the role of the immune system in mediating tumor regression in the Stanford Lymphoma Program Project. His research is fundamental towards translating discoveries from bench to bedside. He is a pioneer in the use of small animal models to identify critical signaling pathways, gene expression programs and proteins products to diagnose and treat lymphoma. This should eventually help in developing and testing new therapies in mouse and in man.

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