MIPS Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford
MIPS Quantitation Core

Image Quantitation, Analysis and Visualization Specialized Resource


Consultation/Technical Support
The main goal of the core is to form a smooth interface so that investigators that use imaging for their research will be able to choose reliable and accurate tools/methods to analyze their data. Users are encouraged to seek consultation starting from planning of experimental design so that they will be able to perform their data analysis efficiently and accurately.

A request for specific service, one-to-one consultation and any other quantitation and/or visualization related question can be done by sending an email witha brief description of the problem to Frezghi Habte, Ph.D. at fhabte@stanford.edu. Dr. Habte can also be reached by phone (650 723-0619).

Research and Survey
In our research we are interested on developing methods to improve image quantitation and visualization. This starts with characterizing and understanding the sources of errors of each modality, which is vital to develop a suitable correction mechanism. We are interested in reducing the variability in molecular imaging data analysis. Some of the major projects that we are working currently include:

In order to stay responsive to the specific needs of investigator, we also send out a survey annually. Through the survey, we try to assess the content and effectiveness of current core activities, as well as solicit for new topics and activities that could further ICMIC@Stanford and other research. Survey results are implemented in our training programs/services.

Instrument Calibration
Image analysis is near the end of the measurement process. Hence, to get the most out of any analysis method, acquisition input data with minimum error is required. The first step of minimizing error is to use proper and correct calibration settings. To this end, we are fully engaged helping the specialized instrumentation resource core in performing regular instrumentation calibration. In addition, we regularly monitor and test all well counters available in the small animal facility to make sure of their proper operation.

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