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microPET Melanoma Decay corrected MicroPET data of melanoma subcutaneous mouse tumor models from Dr. Cheng's research group, where the Image Quantitation, Analysis and Visualization Specialized Resource provide significant support on the analysis of many of this type of image data.
Ultrasound Ultrasound image analysis using advanced semi-automatic segmentation feature of RT-image software tools within the tumor area to support Dr. Willmann research group.
Rat MRI Analysis and visualization of MRI images of rat nerves with pain routinely performed in Dr. Biswal's research group
microPET/microCT MicroPET/microCT cross section of a transgenic mouse imaged with Knottin 2.5F (Left). A nodule ~33 mm3 immediate adjacent to the heart is clearly visible (arrow). Volume rendering of the same mouse (Right). The Knottin 2.5F uptake is shown in color. Uptake is seen in the liver (right). The low background in the lungs makes it easy to delineate the nodule (arrow). This analysis is performed using AMIDE software package, a very popular image quantification and visualization tool developed by the Dr. Gambhir's research group
PET-MRI PET-MRI co-registration and 3D rendering performed using Amira, advanced commercial visualization software available at our computer lab.
microCT MicroCT heart beat image rendered using Amira.

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