MIPS Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford
MIPS Quantitation Core

Image Quantitation, Analysis and Visualization Specialized Resource

About Us

David Paik, PhD

David Paik, PhD
Assistant Professor of Radiology
PI, Paik Lab

Frezghi Habte, PhD

Frezghi Habte, Ph.D.
Image Quantitation Specialist

Responsible for many of the core services such as conducting regular training on different software applications, instrument calibration, providing various image quantification and analysis assistance and providing one-to-one consultation.

Tim Doyle, PhD

Tim Doyle, Ph.D.
Scientific Director, Small Animal Imaging Facility

In addition of overseeing the day-to-day running of various imaging instruments, Dr. Doyle provides instrument training and assistance with the instruments, data achieving, and data retrieval. He also provides assistance to some analysis software.

Laura Jean Pisani, PhD

Laura Jean Pisani, Ph.D.
MRI Physicist/Instrumentation Specialist

Dr. Pisani manages the 7T MRI system, providing training and assistance for all users on this system including data management. She also provides instrument training on the MicroPET systems, ART Optix and CRI Maestro fluorescence imaging systems

Leveraging the resources of the MIPS program, the core coordinates network of expert users including graduate students/Post Docs and Faculties who have special skill in the use of specific method/tools and have extensive practical experience on specific imaging application. Some of the expertise that continuously extends their help includes:

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